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Contact DART
c/o 20 Bredin Pkwy, Orangeville,
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You don’t have to
live in fear

If you are afraid for your safety or have been assaulted:

Call 911

The Domestic Assault Review Team (DART)

The Committee’s objectives are accomplished through representatives who take part in interagency decision-making, by commitment to the Protocol,[1] by commitment to deal with new challenges as they emerge and with the assistance of interagency agreements.

The Purpose of the DART Committee

  • Maintain a sensitive, effective service response to victims and children who have been exposed.
  • Hold perpetrators of violence or abuse accountable for their behaviour and its effects.
  • Communicate and consult effectively between agencies.
  • Inform members of agency changes and community trends.
  • Coordinate practice through the review of individual agency and DART Protocol policies and procedures.
  • Review cases for improving service effectiveness and coordination.
  • Update members regarding developments in the field.
  • Address local training needs.

Guiding Principles and Beliefs

The Dufferin/Caledon DART Committee was established with the commitment to eliminate woman abuse. As agency representatives, we are guided by principles and beliefs. To learn more, download Guiding Principles and Beliefs. (PDF)

[1] Strength in Collaboration: A Protocol for the Dufferin/Caledon Domestic Assault Review Team.

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