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If you are afraid for your safety or have been assaulted:

Call 911


Woman Abuse

Impact on Children

  • Almost 40% of women assaulted by spouses said their children witnessed the violence against them (either directly or indirectly) and in many cases the violence was severe.
  • Statistics Canada, 2006, Measuring Violence Against Women: Statistical Trends
  • 394,000 spousal violence victims reported that children saw or heard this violence.
  • Kathy AuCoin. (2005) Family Violence in Canada: A Statistical Profile. Ottawa: Canadian Centre for Justice Statistics, Statistics Canada, 73
  • One in 12 children between the ages of 4 and 7 witnessed some form of physical violence in their homes.
  • Moss K. Witnessing violence–aggression and anxiety in young children. In: How Healthy are Canadians? Supplement to health reports, 2003. Ottawa:Statistics Canada; 2003. p. 53–66


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